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Bizwind Labo Team

 Does your company suffers from IT engineers insufficiency?

We at BIZWIND can help you solve that.



Now in Japan, the number of IT engineer are scarce.

It is believed that this happened due to high salary and recruitment cost.


Here at Bizwind’s Labo Development

We create long-term unit filled by our high skilled IT engineers

exclusively for your company at a low cost


We are able to accumulate know-hows

Gathering know-hows plays a significant role in order to make a successful project.

Therefore a firm team-building and a long term perspective is required.

With our Offshore Labo Development Team, we assign dedicated IT personnels with solid team-building and ability to collect know-hows.

We offers high-degree freedom projects

In our Offshore Labo Development, you are able to be in direct contact with the team’s manager in which you can add request, or check the development project.

We can respond quickly when sudden specification changes or function addition occurs.

Due to that, we can bend accordingly to your requests and you can have a high-degree freedom project.

Philippines Offshore's Merits

⒈ Ranked 1st in Business English Proficiency Worldwide
⒉ Pro-Japanese and is very easy to build trust with
⒊ Only an hour of time difference to Japan

Selectable Development Systems

Hybrid Development

We highly recommend IT Hybrid Development System when there are no IT engineer in customer’s company. The person who is in charge as the BSE is a Japanese-speaking Filipino located in Japan. The BSE will then assign jobs to the offshore members in The Philippines in English and/or Tagalog. The BSE can also come directly to customer’s company so development can be performed quickly on-site.

Labo Development

Labo Development is when a customer-dedicated development team is created and contracts are made on person-month basis. The BSE comes from the customer whilst the project is being conducted in the Philippines who are being supervised by a labo manager. This development type is recommended for medium to long-term projects. Another merit of Labo Development is when an urgent matter surfaced, response can be much more flexible than the Hybrid Development.


We can survey world-standard packages and plug-ins tools that are required for development in short period of contract.
(Deliverables・Contract Period is consultable)
Since research are conducted in both Japanese and English, the scope is wider and is faster than just by Japanese alone.

Specialised Skills

Proven Fields


Web Service


Application Development

connection (1)





EC Site




AI Development






Web Service

BIZWIND's Members Introduction

Member's Voice

Ramil Nazareno E. Espiritu

Bizwind Philippines Team Leader

I’ve been working with Bizwind since 2014 and working here made me a better person. Handling a developer team is a demanding job. However, following these mantras helped us become adept to the challenges we encounter.

Respect within every member of the team is the key to a harmonious work environment.

Another notion is work discipline, this is what I always impose on the team to improve trust from clients.

Finally, improvement, this is both personal and work-related. We always think of a way to improve the customer’s experience through the softwares we develop and at the same time improving our skillset to make sure we share the best and latest technologies.

Here in Bizwind PH, we established a strong core team that follows those ideals that reflects a quality job.

Ivy Jane L. Javillo

Bizwind Philippines Team Member

Three things I think are important while working:

First, you must know your work well.
In connection to our field, we must know the requirements and specifications of the project we are working on and must have the knowledge to do the job.

Second, you must love what you are doing.
Loving what you do may lead you to do great job. Working with all your heart will help you to become more positive despite of hindrances that may hinder you to finish your job.

Last, the momentum.
The environment, workmates and your surroundings may help you or not to work well. The momentum with all the factors given are very important while working especially in focusing. Distraction from outside should be eliminated so we are able to find our focus in working.

Lab Contract Unit Cost

Labo Development Contract Flow

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